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The 2017-18 CAEA Traveling 
Art Exhibition 
Dates, Locations and Sponsors

I’ve always wanted to take our art show to small towns or communitites where they might never have a contemporary art exhibit. It can be shown in a coffee house, courthouse, community center, school, where ever a lot of the community might see it. So I’m proposing that it be packaged and mailed to CAEA members who would take it upon themselves to find a secure place that would accommodate around 50 works, hang the show, take some photos of the opening, have people write down comments and then take it down repackage it in the boxes it came in, and mail it back to me so I can send it on to the next showing.  It will entail 6 - 9 members in different parts of the state who would be willing to accept the responsibility and follow thru with the idea.  The show must be up for a month.  You must pay for the return then you will be reimbursed by CAEA

PAST CAEA  shows were at:

MAR 1-31, 2017 Rodeo Gallery-Westminster, CO-Mike Carroll & Tim Gianulis, sponsors Rodeo Market Community Art Center, 3915 W. 73rd Ave, Westminster, CO 80030,  Closing Reception March 31, 5 to 7pm with an open mic from 7-9pm

MAY 2017 The Bridge Gallery-Colorado Springs, CO, Michael Cellan, sponsor The Bridge Gallery, 218 West Colorado (beneath the Colorado Ave. bridge), Colorado Springs, CO

JUN 2017 Unknown location-Bailey, CO-Amy Marsh, sponsor

The Present CAEA show is at:

SEP 2017- Denver School of the Arts-Sponsored by Deb Rosenbaum 7111 Montview Blvd Denver, CO 80220



NOV 2017 Cranford Cove Tea Taverns, Greeley, CO Vickie Graber and Deborah Frain 

FEB 2018 Unknown location-Holyoke /Sterling, CO- Carrie Mann

APR 2018 Montrose Center for the Arts-Montrose, CO-Joyce Baker

JUN 2018 Eaton Public Library-Eaton, CO,-Vickie Graber

AUG 2018 Art Gallery-Greeley. CO-Vickie Graber

OCT 2018 San Luis Valley, CO-Robin Wolfe


Exhibition Guidelines for the 2017-18 CAEA Traveling Art Exhibit. 


All participants must be an active member of CAEA from now thru the rest of 2017. If your not sure of your status log in at 
with your email address and password or contact Michael at:

Amount of work 

Since the works are going to be shipped to places that are not going to be huge in size, I'm going to have to limit the amount of works to no more than 60 pieces for this show so I'm taking no more than the first 60 members fill out and 


 ONE WORK only per artist and it must must be no LARGER than 12”h x 12”w x 3”d Framed (8"X10", 8"X8", 6"X12" 5"X 6" in other words no side can be longer than 12"). The display areas may not be huge and it makes them easier to transport. All work must be ready to hang with securely attached, braided picture wire.  Use "D-rings", large screw eyes, or whatever that’s provided on metal frames .  Do not use "sawtooth hangers"   Remember frames, glass, plex-a-glas, acrylic, and hanging wire are for the purpose of protecting the work.  The wire prevents the work from falling off the wall and breaking or hitting someone.  It also lets the work to be hung faster.  

NOTE: The works are going to be handled several times so things can happen.  All care will be taken but  Michael, CAEA, the transporting services and the galleries and display areas are not to be held responsible for damage.  You may cover yourself by using your own insurance plan

2-D Work 

Each 2-D piece MUST HAVE a braided picture wire firmly attached to the back (preferably with “D rings”,  screw eyes or whatever that’s provided on metal frames ). The wire prevents the work from falling off the wall.  It also allows the ability to hang the work faster.  Legibly write your name, title, media and price on the back of your work 

3-D Work

If your doing clay or any kind of sculptural work it has to stay within the above size parameters.  it must be able to hang on the wall not sit on a pedestal. 


I would like for you to make a work that amazes you and is brand new.  It's so easy to just grab a work thats covered in dust that's been abandoned in a corner of your studio or space.  My goal of doing this is to inspire you to do something exciting and new.   Something that's popped into your mind and makes you say "YES I want to make that!".  You may work in any media.  Look at the suggestion below: 

Suggestion #1 Think about layers, negative space, & overlapping of shapes and space.

Suggestion #2 Create in mixed media.  If you use a ''shadow box" frame you can work with an 1" to 2" thickness.

Suggestion #3 A cool collage of photos, magazines, "junk", etc.

Time Line

Work must be finished and delivered by 11am,  March 1st, 2017 to
Rodeo Market Community Art Center
3915 W. 73rd Ave
Wesminster, CO 80030
Show will be from March-April 
Closing Reception will be

Friday, March 31, 5:00-7:00pm    Open Mic from 7:00-9:00pm

 Use Google Map or MapQuest.


Contact us at:

EMAIL:     •      ANSWERING SERVICE: 1-719-422-3599
Colorado Art Education Association  
P.O. Box 4955
Greenwood Village, Colorado 80155

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