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Spotlight Artist: Eric Canuel

Eric Canuel is an art educator in Falcon, Colorado and a mixed media artist that works with salvaged and repurposed materials whenever "Not Where Ends Meet, But Where Meat Ends (The Justice System)"possible. He has combined technical influences from graphic design, painting and street art and has coined his style as "Graphic Expressionism". Each painting has been inspired by emotional and social issues that have affected him and the world around him. See each painting's description for further detail.

Not Where Ends Meet, But Where Meat Ends (The Justice System)

Acrylic on Reclaimed Wooden Fence

44" x 72"

I heard a story of heroism while at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary one day. A cow named Justice went to a neighboring farm and rescued another cow from a life of animal slavery. These two cows are now great friends as they live their lives in peace. Justice saw that his future could be filled with joy rather than just one of being consumed.

I've Had It Up to Here With All This Flooding (Muddy Waters)

Acrylic on Salvaged Wood

48" x 48

The weekend after the floods of 2013 in Manitou Springs, a group of friends and I teamed up to assist local businesses and homeowners remove mud, water and debris from their buildings. Though much was lost in the floods, the spirits of the people involved were high and it was an oddly enjoyable day. This painting was inspired by that experience. The wood was salvaged from Lover's Lane that day and any water used was collected from the springs in Manitou.

Prairie Grass in E Minor (It's Okay If You Don't Come Home)

Acrylic on Salvaged Wood

40" x 72"

There are times in our lives when we suddenly need someone. This painting shows the transition from being in someone's arms to being picked up by those that are there for you. It was a time when I needed people the most, and without realizing it, found out how caring people could be and how it would shape me as an adult.

"Prairie Grass in E Minor (It's Okay If You Don't Come Home)"

Smoke Clouds Have No Silver Lining (Blackened Forest)

Acrylic on Reclaimed Wooden Fence

40" x 72"

When the Black Forest fire broke out, I had to move quickly to assist friends in the evacuation of themselves and countless animals. The images for this painting were taken during that process. Many people and animals lost their homes that day, but life still moved on. The wood was reclaimed from the Black Forest area before the fires, but was burnt before the painting process was started.

The Streets Have Taken Us As There Own (Stars of the Show)

Acrylic on Reclaimed Wooden Table

30" x 48"

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