2022 CAEA Spring Into Art Conference

  • April 02, 2022
  • 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Arapahoe Community College Arapahoe Community College Art and Design Center at 2400 W. Alamo Ave, Littleton, Co 80160


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2021 CAEA Spring Into Art Conference

Saturday, April 2, 2021

8 AM - 3 PM Check in at 7:30 AM, Class starts at 8:15 AM

Arapahoe Community College

2400 W. Alamo St. Littleton

Art & Design Center (AD)


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Contact Lisa Adams

Lisa Adams- 303.956.5365 call w/ questions 


Registration $80

  • Special Thanks to Angela Belt and Trish Sangelo for assistance with facilities, gallery, lunch and for opening their space to CAEA!

    As always we have a great variety of classes, fabulous teachers and an awesome venue at ACC!!

• Masks are required during class

• Class sizes are LIMITED so SIGN UP FAST!

• ACC College Credit Available

• Conference begins at 8 AM and ends at 3 PM

• Check your materials list here!

• You got your first class choice unless otherwise notified.

• Bring water & necessary materials for your class.

• Breakfast and Lunch provided.

• Lunch served at 11:30 AM in Atrium of ACC Art & Design Center (weather permitting).

• Park in lot J, Nevada Street. or in the RTD lot on Prince.

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Conference Cost

Early Registration: Members - $80.00*, Non-Members - $95.00 *

Registration after March 28th and On-site Registration: Members - $95.00*, Non-Members - $110.00*


Studio Class Offerings

Class Room Numbers

Jewelry Metals, AAD 3200: Amy Bailey

Ceramics, AAD 3500:  - Josh Davy

Watercolor/Tabletop Media, AAD 1010:  - Lisa Luree

Painting Studio, AAD 1000 or 1040:  - Courtney Cotton

Printmaking, AAD 4030:  - Megan Morgan

Digital Tessellations & Kaleidoscopes, AAD - Bob Coller Jewett

Megan Morgan- "Jello"Printing





  • Workshop: "Jello" Printing

  • Jello Printmaking without a Press 

    Megan Morgan will demonstrate how to make a jello plate and print a multilayered artwork on jello without a printing press. This is an easy, fun, fast, and very creative printmaking technique that Megan can teach so anyone can do this at home.  Megan will make  you a plate before class with reimbursement expected during class.

  • She will also teach you how to make the class and the materials list is below.  She will give out the recipes in class as well.

  • LAB FEE- $23.08

  • Materials to get if you want to make plate:

Glycerin = $4.66, need two bottles per artist, ($9.32 per artist)


Gelatin: $5.48, need 12 packets per artist, box has 32, ($2.10 approx.per artist)


Cookie Sheet: $1.87, need 1 per artist


Paint: $5.62


Paper: $4.17


TOTAL cost per artist: $23.08 

Materials to bring:



     Paper towels

      Paint brushes


      Leaves, plant stems, feathers, lace, flowers, string, yarn,

       ** anything good for printmaking--  same stuff you might use for Collograph printmaking

    Good paper for printing if you want something besides copy paper

Courtney Cotton-Windows


Courtney Cotton is a professional artist, currently living and working in Denver, Colorado. She studied art and architecture at the University of South Carolina, Rhode Island School of Design and Queens College. An artist who is unafraid to express herself by giving visual expression to feeling; which can be seen in many of her paintings and collages. Other inspiration stems from travel, music, dance and by objects that give her a visceral reaction. Whatever the impulse the result is the fruition of a process, usually grounded in personal discipline that may be spontaneous and rapid or labored and introspective. What transpires ideally captures the inspiration and transforms it into an exuberant explosion or a contemplative and solemn stillness. 




Workshop: "Windows"

Window as metaphor, works two ways. Not only can others look inside, but windows offer the chance for one to look outside as well. The ‘window’ metaphor has a long career in the history of art and, in fact, in the evolution of the human perspective in general. It has been associated with the voyeuristic and inquisitive instincts of people. Above all, though, windows have permitted man to experience the essence of light, and imply interaction with the unknown and with infinity. "People are like stained glass windows.

"They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within."

Elisabeth Kubler- Ross


  • MATERIALS: LINK to Project & (suggested) Materials- 





    **SUGGESTED PAINTS https://drive.google.com/file/d/16mRvBF1LEciPqNcy67BKowKLB2BqFp29/view?usp

    acrylics, straight edges, gesso, watercolor paper, gel medium, magazines etc. 


  • http://www.bone-diva.com/ 

    Lisa’s paintings range from her trademark skeletons, to fantasy creatures and nudes. She lightens darker subject matters with vibrant colors and iridescent pigments that catch the light in a playful way. Sometimes pieces are carefully planned out but Luree also embraces the impromptu process – letting images form as she goes. She believes that letting creativity flow unobstructed allows an artist to tap the collective unconscious and draw archetypal symbolism into the art.Luree is also the founder of the ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals) movement which led to her winning eBay’s Community Hall of Fame Award.



    Workshop: “Cabdoor Art”

    Repurpose a Cabinet Door into a Painting to make trash into a treasure! A kitchen cabinet door makes a perfect substrate for painting.   It already has a natural "frame".  Many cabinet doors go straight to the trash in a remodel.  I will teach you how to prepare the cabinet so you can paint your own design in watercolor. You will see my process, but YOU will decide what you wish to paint on your door.  Bring ideas and a reference photo/s of what you'd like to paint, keeping in mind cabinet doors are typically long and narrow.  You will apply gold leaf to the frame and how to mount hangers on the back for a ready to display piece of art! You be creating something special, you will be doing a small part to conserve waste and reduce our carbon footprint.

    Materials to Bring 

  • References for painting

  • watercolors/brushes/papertowels

  • Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground- wht/blk

  • Gold leaf adhesive/Gold leaf sheets

    Materials Provided

  • Cabinet doors( format long & marrow)
  • Sandpaper/heatguns/hanging wire & hanging d-rings

Josh Davy- Clay Houses


 Josh Davy is the Executive Director of NEXT Gallery and an active member of Lakewood’s 40W. Art District.  He knew from a very young age that he wanted to be an artist, in fact there was never a time when he imagined being anything else.  He was fortunate enough to go to a small high school where I got individual attention and encouragement from teachers who cared about my success.  He had access to an amazing ceramics program, and jewelry fabrication and casting.  Almost 30 years later the skills he learned in high school are still cornerstones of his art practice.  He is now a multi-media artist with a focus in ceramics, metalsmithing, and woodworking.


 Workshop:"Clay Houses"

We will be using a slab building technique to create 3 dimensional buildings and relief sculptures of building façades using paper clay.  Paper clay is superior for slab building because the paper fibers allow water to flow freely between each part of the clay, much like the capillary action that trees use to draw water from the soil and pass it through their fibrous system.  Paper clay is quite forgiving, and successful joints are easily made with simple slip and score techniques.  We will then explore the possibilities for cold finishes (painting) to transform the sculptures into more complex work.

 I will bring some pre-rolled slabs that have become nearly leather-hard to create 3-dimensional sculptures and we will also use fresh clay to make relief sculptures.

Class Limit- 15

 Materials to bring:

  • ·      Ceramic tools you love (I will have tools to borrow)
  • ·      Resources or photos of architectural images 
  • ·       A travel board or bin (9X12 ish)
  • ·       Plastic for covering

·    Materials provided:

  • ·       Paperclay clay body
  • ·       Sculpting tools /slab roller
  • ·       Textural images, an array of stamping tools
  • ·       Finishing materials to test in studio with pre-fired forms

Bob Coller Jewett -https://bobcollerjewett.com


  • Bob Coller Jewett started making geometric photo collages in 1988 then transitioned to digital collages in 1997, which is his primary process in his Denver studio. As the manager of the Fine Art print department at Reed Art & Imaging 1994 to 2018, the entire process of film processing, scanning, digital assembly/optimization, printing, and even framing, added a solid knowledge base used in each of his collages today. And it all started from a darkroom mistake. Today, art fairs are the best place to find the work in person. bobcollerjewett.com lists a selection of art fairs, and gallery events.Collectors include: UCH Anschutz, Columbia College Chicago, and Ginny Williams Family Foundation. 

  • Workshop: Digital Tessellations/Kaleidoscopes


    Learn how to use Photoshop to Tessellate photographic images into new mandala/geometric patterns. Includes tribal process secrets. 

    MATERIALS Supplied:

    Supplied: Quick selection templates Print examples 

  • Materials to Bring:

    Personal Laptop if you have one- with Adobe Suites (Photoshop)

  • Needed:10-20 ish Images to collage on a thumb drive -with room to save final collages 





    Make a synclastic form cuff using the hydraulic press. Techniques will be shown in how to control the way the form gets the “crushed” appearance. Methods to apply texture will also be demonstrated to add to the design of the cuff. This is a quick way to achieve an interesting form for a cuff. This method can also be applied to rings.

    Materials you need

    20 gauge copper 6” x 6” minimum

    (If you prefer to do sterling silver then you will need 22 gauge.)

    Medium Solder

    Saw Blades (2/0)


    Wet & Dry Sandpaper (220-600 grit)

    ***Kit upon request $20

    If you need the above materials and would prefer to just do the kit then it would include the above materials except the files. Files will be provided in the studio. To request a kit please email me at amy.bailey@arapahoe.edu. You can also email Lisa Adams and she will get me the information at ladams7@cherrycreekschools.org

    I will also have extras that you can request the day of the workshop if needed.

    Materials provided

  • ***Kit upon request $20 

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