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CAEA Presents
"Art From the HeART"

2019 Master Classes 

November 7th- 9th, 2019

Master Classes may only be registered for onsite

Master Class Descriptions and Images
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• You MUST be registered for conference to attend a Master Class.

• Each Master Class is an additional $45 when registering, plus materials fee. 

• Master Class artists will receive a class list prior to conference. They will contact you regarding the class if necessary.

Class full/ Registration Closed - Alicia McKim- The Collagraph Monoprint   Saturday 12-4 PM


Class Description: In this high-energy workshop participants will work with multiple plates and a variety of inking techniques to create colorful one-of-a-kind prints. This inexpensive and non-toxic process is intuitive, direct, and a fun way to make a print.

Biography: Alicia McKim incorporates traditional printmaking and letterpress processes with alternative techniques to facilitate her prints and artists’ books. She exhibits her artists’ books and prints internationally, and her work is in numerous private and public collections including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Getty Artist Book Collection, the Walker Art Center, and the Harvard Printing and Graphics Collection. Alicia is an Associate Professor at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, where she teaches Printmaking and Graphic Design.

Materials Provided: TwinTac, masking tape, collagraph materials, ink and modifiers. Rives BFK paper, two 6” x 6” PETG plates, tarlatan, news print, rags, cleaning supplies, along with instructional handouts.

Materials to Bring: Scissors, pencil or Fine Point Sharpie, and sense of adventure.

Materials Fee: $10

Andy GrossmanMica Horse Hair Thursday 9 AM-12 PM

Class Description: This class will participate in a Horse Hair over mica terra sigillata firing, using a Cooperworks Blaze Barrel. The participants will be Provided 1 piece colored with mica Terra Sigillata to apply Horse hair technique to. The class will also be open to general ceramics discussion.

Biography: The days of playing in the mud were some of the best. I have spent the last 6 years playing in the mud only to find that this is truly my love and passion. I feel that clay is the perfect representation of life: It can be altered, reformed, manipulated, watered down, turned to dust or made into stone. All of these things can happen when I choose them to. I keep this in mind every time i sit down to "play in the mud". Each piece of my work is created with the concept that art is one of a kind, but I want my work to be more than something to look at, I work towards the idea of: Beauty meets Functionality. With every piece I make I want there to be a memory that what you hold dosent exist anywhere else in the world. I utilize the form, the glazes and the variations of firings to create combinations of color and running that is deep, rich and complicated. My goal is to give the viewer something different to look at each time the piece is used. At the same time I strive to create things that are functional. I believe that art, much like life, is an ongoing experiment and one should never shy away from trying new things. My goal is that my work reflects this belief.

Materials Provided: One ceramic piece colored with Terra Sigillata.

Materials to Bring:

Materials Fee: None

Chris NugenRaku Firing Friday1 PM - 4 PM

Class Description: In this class participants will be participating in a Raku Firing using a Cooperworks Blaze Barrel. Participants will be provided one piece to glaze and fire during the class, and will also be allowed to bring one piece of their own to fire no bigger than 6"x6"x6". (PIECE MUST BE *BISQUE FIRED). The class will discuss Raku firing, but will also be open to general ceramic discussion.

Biography: My work is a visceral and honest reflection of myself. The clay leads my consciousness to truths about our humanness and connection to the past, present, and future. By observing nature and working with clay I find answers in the raw materials. I am intrigued with practicing art and tapping into ancient traditions. I am searching for a connection to humanity through artwork and the parallels between humanness and clay processes. My interest lies in both sculptural and functional work. My sculptural work is dark, obscure, irregular, earthy, and emotional. It is an attempt to create beauty out of ugliness and push the ceramic medium into a subtle, mysterious, and sometimes over-whelming realm. I am interested in the impermanence and decay of the human body and how it relates to the clay. My goal is to leave behind artifacts of myself and representations of my devolving culture. My functional ware, or rather dysfunctional ware is focused on form and surface. I combine my background in illustration, oil painting, and screen printing to develop strange connections with the clay. I use underglaze transfers and illustrations to communicate to the viewer. I approach this body of work with a light heart and try to take myself less seriously. It is important to me to enjoy what I am creating and to continue to inspire myself to push and experiment. Depending on the day, I try to let the clay lead the way. My thrown work stretches from very tight and precise to loose and collapsed. Sometimes I have to let the clay be what it wants to be and let go of my controlled intentions. I prefer to use alternative and atmospheric firing methods. I am passionate about wood fire but still experiment with raku, pit, soda, and salt fire. I wood fire not only for the unpredictable, earthy, nasty, crusty, gnarly, Japanese aesthetic, but because of the shared process with the community and the powerful lessons; wood fired pieces harness memories of laughter, happiness and the comradery of the fire. At the same time, they can represent moments of struggle, discomfort, and disappointment. A reminder of the ups and downs of our human experience. The rhythmic nature of wood firing allows an altered state of consciousness to occur. The earth and the fire are amazing teachers. Ceramics has a way of making the practitioner remain in the present moment. The clay and fire continue to help me evolve as an artist- I will continue to follow with passion and intuition.

Materials Provided: A bisque fired ceramic vessel.

Materials to Bring: Each participant may bring one *BISQUE FIRED piece no larger than 6"x6"x6" to fire.

Materials Fee: None

Jim CooperCone 6 reduction firing   Friday 8 AM - 12 PM and Saturday 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Class Description: In this class participants will be glazing pieces to go into a cone 6 reduction firing. The class will be discussion based on overall ceramics with a focus on reduction firing in comparison to oxidation firing, and how certain materials in glaze formulation can change when exposed to different environments in a kiln. The class will be three hours for glazing and discussion on firing. After glazing the pieces will be loaded into a 3 cubic foot Cooperworks gas kiln that is fired off of a portable propane tank for six hours. students will meet for one hour the next morning for discussion of results and to retrieve their pieces. students will be provided one piece to glaze, but are also welcome to bring one pice no bigger than a coffee mug to glaze and fire as well. *PIECE MUST BE BISQUED CONE 6 CLAY

Biography: Jim has been working with clay for the past 3 decades plus in the Denver area. The majority of his work has been high fire porcelain or stoneware- usually wood-fired. He is also known for his kiln building work, as the owner and operator of Cooperworks Kilns since 1997. Jim also taught as an adjunct instructor in Ceramics at Arapahoe Community College for many years. Jim has a studio in Indian Hills CO. where he has lived and worked for 32 years.

Materials to Bring: Allowed to bring one piece no larger than a coffee mug. Piece must be cone 6 clay and be *BISQUED.

Materials Fee: None

Class full/ Registration Closed - Michael CellanScribbling with Wax Crayons Saturday 9 AM - 12 PM

   Image result for michael cellan crayon

Class Description: Hey, kids can’t have all the fun! Come and use wax crayons, positive and negative stencils, tape and razor blades to create an image. Then we’ll polish it till it will shine and stand back and say, ”How Cool."

Biography: Michael Cellan is an artist who works in drawing, clayprints, mixed media, and anything else he feels like doing. Michael spent 42 great years teaching high schoolers. Over time. he created challenging projects for his students where everyone has a success. He has developed those projects into workshops for teachers. Come, join him, learn a new way to do something.

Materials Provided: I will supply all material you'll need for this workshop.

Materials to Bring: Just what I provide.

Materials Fee: No material fee but if you care to drop a dollar or two into the box then that helps to buy more supplies for others to use.

Class full/ Registration Closed - Nancy BrancaEmotion and the Figure Thursday 1 PM - 4 PM

Class Description: Through a variety of activities, explore the endless possibilities of soft pastels. Discover various ways to manipulate the pastel, develop figure drawing skills and communicate chosen emotions through rich color, mark-making, contrasting textures and composition.

Biography: Either using mixed-media drawing and painting or just soft pastel, I create images of the environment, plant life or the figure. Through the exploration of media and the development of vibrant color, textural contrasts and expressive line, the essence of my subject emerges.

Materials Provided: Soft pastels, workable fixative, drawing paper & boards, color handouts and a live model.

Materials to Bring: soft pastels

Materials Fee: $10 for materials plus a $5 fee for the model

Class full/ Registration Closed - Rachael DelaneyPainting with Fiber Saturday 12 PM - 4 PM

Class Description: Participants will learn the technique of needle felting to create drawings using wool roving. The workshop will also include a discussion about the history of felting, examples of contemporary artists working with felt as a media, and an introduction to various felt making techniques. Those that attend the workshop will be provided with stainless steel needle felting tools, an assortment of wool roving, canvas, and a foam board. Participants will need to bring a printed reference image they would like to recreate using the needle felting technique. The reference image needs to be a printed image on regular copy paper that is no larger then 12x12 inches. This image will be traced onto the canvas using carbon paper. 

Biography: Rachael Delaney, is a professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver in the area of Art Education. She has been teaching at the school since 2005 and has taught course work in various disciplines including Studio, Art History and Art Education. Rachael began teach art at the K-12 level in 1998, teaching in New York City, Seattle Washington and Boulder Colorado. Her work as an artist and researcher is directly influenced by her investigations into issues related to temporal processes relating to social and environmental change. As an educator Rachael has presented both regionally and nationally to provide an alternative framework for bringing contemporary art practices and works of art into the K-12 art classroom. Rachael works as a fiber artist and has shown recently completed artworks both nationally and internationally.

Materials Provided: Stainless steel needle felting toolsWool roving- assorted colorsCanvasFoam board

Materials to Bring: Participants should bring a reference image no larger than 12" x 12"

Materials Fee: $6

Robert Schroeder - Tin Foil Saggar Firing   Thursday 1 PM - 4 PM

Class Descrption: This class will demonstrate materials and techniques for Tin Foil saggar firing in a Cooperworks Blaze Barrel will also be an open discussion class for ceramics in general. We will focus on foil saggars for the first half, and as we fire the pieces open up the class to all questions about ceramics and clay.

Biography: Robert Schroeder is a ceramic artist from Colorado. He is deeply passionate about clay, and is enthusiastic about the sharing of clay knowledge. He believes sharing the exploration of new materials, techniques and ideas about ceramics betweeen artist is crucial to the growth of both individuals and the ceramic community as a whold. Robert has worked in a many facets of ceramics over the last 8 years, including, Clay testing and manufacturing at Rocky Mountain Clay, and Kiln manufacturing at Cooperworks Kilns. This has allowed Robert to explore a wide variety of building, and firing techniques. His work has mainly been focused in large vessels, both thrown and hand built for decorative pieces, and wood firing for smaller utilitarian forms. Robert has a wide range of knowledge in ceramic materials, techniques, and equipment.

Materials Provided: One bisque fired piece.

Materials to Bring: Participants can bring one *BISQUED piece of their own to be fired, along with the piece that will be provided for them.

Materials Fee: None

Rui HaagenScratching the Surface: Sgraffito in Clay  Friday 12 PM - 4 PM

Class Description:  Sgraffito comes from the Italian word for scratch. This is a decorative process of scratching a design through a colored top layer revealing a contrasting clay color below. Explore the exciting visual and textural possibilities of sgraffito decoration on white clay using contrasting underglazes. Learn to easily transfer design onto 2D and 3D surfaces creating a tile and a tumbler. Think wood or linoleum block cuts for your contrasting design inspiration.

Biography:  From discovering adobe clay as a child to receiving a Masters Degree from San Diego State University, I just wanted to play in the mud! I’ve had the opportunity to study with many of our ceramic icons and traveled internationally for ceramic workshops. I had a teaching assistantship at San Diego State University, taught at Pikes Peak Community College, retired from Cheyenne Mountain High School, District 12, and have given years of summer workshops through Adams State University to teachers and the community in the Pikes Peak region. I have owned a gallery/pottery, shown in numerous galleries and shows, been a Business of Arts Center artist and a member the Commonwheel Co-op in Manitou Springs. I am a two time Clayfest champion, have been honored as Teacher of the Year in District 12 and High School Art Educator of the year through CAEA. I currently teach at Bemis School of Art at the Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs, where I continue to share my passion for clay with adults and children.

Materials Provided: Mini Ribbon tool kit, Clean up tool, Embossing tool, paint brushes, clay, underglazes.

Materials to Bring: Hair dryer (if possible), favorite clay tools, sketch book/high contrast design, sharpie marker.

Materials Fee: $30

Connie Robbins-Brady Gourd "Tree of Life" Lamp Friday 8am-4pm

Class Description: Come and play as we create a gourd lamp.  Use available power tools (or avoid wait and bring your own.)  This class is easily adaptable to novices as well as experts.  Your completed project will be ready to cast its glow at the close of the session.

Biography: Connie Robbins-Brady and Dennis Brady are semi-retired educators and artists who enjoy RV traveling as they teach gourd art throughout the Southwest.   Gourds are a unique canvas wonderfully open to a wide variety of media and techniques.   Their gourd lamps are colored, wood burned and carved using power hand tools, and are prized for the amazing light they cast upon walls and ceilings of homes across the USA and Canada.

Materials Provided:  Prepared, large kettle gourd, LED bulb, electrical component and wooden lamp base, all paints, dyes, access to tools including power carver, wood burner, dremel, power hand drill.

Materials to Bring: Dust mask (rated N95), apron, and if you have them: dremel or power carver, lightweight hand drill with a variety of small bits, wood burner. We will have these available to share as well.

Materials Fee: $45


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