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CAEA Presents
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2018 Master Classes 

November 8nd- 10th, 2018

Master Class Descriptions and Images
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• You MUST be registered for conference to attend a Master Class.

• Each Master Class is an additional $45 when registering, plus materials fee. 

• If you would like to add a Master Class to your current Registration please email Robin Wolfe at

• Master Class artists will receive a class list prior to conference. They will contact you regarding the class if necessary.


Thursday 9 AM - 12 PM

Alicia McKim- Kitchen Lithography


Class Description: Discover new ways of expression with this simple and inexpensive alternative printmaking process. In this hands-on workshop, participants will explore the richness of color and mark making unique to the Lithography process, while learning basic printmaking techniques.

Materials Provided: Heavy Duty aluminum foil, Lithography crayons and tusche, Ivory soap, Oil pastels, Lithography ink, Rives BFK printmaking paper, Tape, Cola, Baby oil, Simple Green and Nitrile gloves

Materials to Bring: All materials are provided

Materials fee is included in class registration fee.

Thursday 1 PM – 4 PM

Nancy Branca- Monochromatic Painting


Class Description: Create a dramatic still-life by illuminating your subject with Rembrandt lighting. Using water-mixable oils, the artist will apply confident brushstrokes to develop shape, form and value. The strong lighting will add an emotional impact to the monochromatic image.

Materials Provided: Water-Mixable Oils, Mixing Medium, Canvas, Easels, Palettes, Brushes and Still-Life Materials

Materials to Bring: Smocks and Extra Brushes

Materials fee is included in class registration fee.


Friday 9 AM – 12 PM

Eric Stewart- Material Origins of Photography


Class Description: Emerging from a spirit of play and curiosity, photography’s invention was a global phenomenon of amateur scientists, naturalists and artists. We will explore the spirit and materials of early photography and create ferrous-silver photographic processes without a darkroom.

Materials Provided: Participants will receive either a silver salt print, cyanotype or a kallitype printed on paper.

Materials to Bring: Found paper and small interesting objects

Materials fee is included in class registration fee.

Friday 9 AM – 3 PM

Michael Cellan and Mary Lynn Baird- Clayprints


Class Description: Learn the basics of clay printmaking in our 6 hour, all day Friday, Master class. You’ll work on a 12”X16” plate, learn the techniques of the process, create several works, and print on a polyester substrate.

Materials Provided: You'll create several prints using a 12"X16" borrowed plate. You’ll have access to colors, stencils, newsprint, and everything connected to creating a clayprint.

Materials to Bring: We provide everything you'll need but you will need to bring an apron

Materials fee is included in class registration fee.

Friday 1 PM – 4 PM

Sieger Hartgers- Proportions of Head and Figure


Class Description: Drawing the Proportions of the Human Head and the Human Figure in Front/side and Back view, as shown to us by Leonardo, Duren, Bridgeman, and Robert Beverly Hale. These general proportions are a must for all who want to draw or teach Life Drawing or painting.

Materials Provided: Handouts, Drawing Paper, Pencils and Easers, and use of rulers, and Triangle

Materials to Bring: All materials and tools are provided.

Materials fee is included in class registration fee.


Saturday 9 AM – 12 PM

Rick Louie- Artistic Smartphone Images


Class Description: Tools and techniques for creating artistic images using your smartphone. Learning how to use simple apps and tools to make images that rival a DSLR.

Materials Provided: Past brochures and pdfs will be available for free

Materials to Bring: Links to apps for phones and suggested lenses and tools to purchase via Amazon will be supplied but are optional for the class.

Materials fee is included in class registration fee.

Saturday 8 AM – 12 PM

Michael Bernhardt- Digital Art


Class Description: Michael Bernhardt demonstrates creating art with digital tools and analog machines, including 3D modeling software, 3D printers, and low-tech DIY drawing devices. Concepts discussed include the importance of investing craft into your work when giving control over to a machine.

Materials Provided: Stonehenge drawing paper, pens, bailing wire, and plastic cups for exploring chance with drawing, and access to 3D printer/filament and 3D modeling software as space and time allow.

Materials to Bring: Students should bring a laptop if they have one, preferably loaded with a free trial version of Rhinoceros 3D or SketchUp. Instructor will demonstrate basic processes and provide limited access to laptops for interested students during work session for those students without laptops. Students should also bring a simple and inexpensive machine or appliance for creating an automatic drawing machine (like a mechanical eggbeater, electric drill, or small battery powered motor) and art making supplies like pens, markers, brushes, and ink.

Materials fee is included in class registration fee.

Saturday 1 PM – 5 PM

Connie Robbins Brady- Spirited Creations


Class Description: Is there a deep desire or wish you'd like to have fulfilled? Are you needing healing from a loss? Participants will explore unusual media and techniques to create a Spirit Figure out of a gourd cut-out similar to rock art designs. Power tools will be used to decorate your design.

Materials Provided: Access to wood burner and dremel, materials include gourd shard, epoxy clay, 5x7 shadow box, dust mask, embellishments including wire, beach glass, fossil, stone, etc

Materials to Bring: If you have a treasured item (size of penny or smaller) such as a metal charm, button, stone, etc. please bring it to embed in your spirit figure

Materials fee is included in class registration fee.

Saturday 12 PM – 4 PM

Shayna Tokheim- Nuno Felting


Class Description: Keep warm and on trend the season by making your own circular infinity scarf. Learn how to measure, create a resist, dye, and Nuno felt a seamless infinity scarf using natural white silk chiffon and merino wool. This class requires prolonged standing and physical upper body movement. There is a $40 materials fee payable to the instructor on day of class for all supplies and provided materials used.

Materials Provided: Natural white silk chiffon and merino wool, dye, and written instructions to keep. Soap, tulle, rolling mats, and chamois will be provided for use.

Materials to Bring: These things will be provided if you can not supply them on your own: Scissors, old towel, dishwashing gloves, plastic bag, quart spray bottle, camera, pen

Materials fee is included in class registration fee.


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