CAEA Advocacy

Together, our Purpose is to advance, improve, encourage, and stimulate the quality of education in the visual arts in the state of Colorado.

CAEA's Mission is to represent the art educators of the state, to improve the conditions of teaching art, encourage research and experimentation in art education, hold public discussions, sponsor institutes, conferences and programs, publish articles, reports and surveys, and work with other related organizations and agencies.

CAEA holds two art conferences each year offering our community the opportunity to improve both artistically and educationally. Regionally, there are many opportunities to meet and further the educational needs of our teachers and students. We offer scholarships to both students and educators and a forum for promoting the arts. We also publish an educational art journal, Collage for our members, with three publications a year.


ANSWERING SERVICE: 1-719-422-3599

Colorado Art Education Association  

P.O. Box 4955
Greenwood Village, Colorado 80155

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